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Malaysia Local Fruits

There are variety of local fruits found in Malaysia. Some of them come in all year round and some come in seasons. These fruits are abundance when the fruits seasons come. You can easily find local fruits in Malaysia. These fruits are sell in stalls along the trunk roads of Malaysia, wet markets, shops, hyper markets, morning markets, night markets, and so on. Fruits here are abundance and cheap.

A trip to Malaysia would not be a complete one if one have not tried the sweet, juicy and mouth watering local fruits. Want to try the sour fruits in Malaysia? There are plenty as well. Want to challenge with the taste of Malaysia fruit? Take Durian as your opponent, you will find a strong opponent for challenging your taste bug. You may be over powering by this fruit.

Discover Malaysia fruits now yourself! They are irresistable.


Malaysia Local Fruits - Honeydews

Honeydew is round to slightly oval, ranging from approximate 6 to 9 inches in diameter. Most of the honeydew rinds are extremely smooth with no netting or ribs. Some soft hairs can be seen on the surface in the early stages. The rind colour is greenish white when immature and turns creamy yellow when ripe. The flesh is light green or light creamy yellow, thick, juicy and sweet. Cut open the honeydew and slice it into smaller slices with a knife. Scrape off the seeds before eating.

Malaysia Local Fruits - Water Apple

Jambu air (water apple) has pink or white flesh and pinkish green, pink or maroon skin is mildly fragrant with a faint sweetish flavour. It is juicy and best eaten during a hot day. Just bite the fruit and taste the water apple yourself, it's very different from the apple you eat daily. If you can take the hot stuff, try to dip the fruit in mixture of light soya sauce with chilli padi (small red or green chilli, but very hot). You will love the feel of burning on your tongue.

Malaysia Local Fruits - Kuinin

Kuinin has a strong smell but it is not unpleasant. It is the same botanical family with mango fruit and the shape is closely similar to the mango fruit. The flesh has a light orange colour and is juicy sweet. Peel off the skin with a knife and cut the flesh, there will be a big hard seed inside.

Malaysia Local Fruits - Mango

Mango, which the local people called it "mangga". When it is still young, it is greenish in colour and when it is ripe, the colour turns yellowish. Eat the same way as Kuinin. You even can peel off the skin with your fingers if you don't have a knife. There are many types of mangos in Malaysia. Some sweet and some sour (even they are ripe). Look for the type that suits your taste bud, you will enjoy it.

Malaysia Local Fruits - Mangosteen

Mangosteen is a season fruit. The shape of a mangosteen is like round berries with a tennis ball size (some are even bigger). The outer shell is usually maroon in colour. Squeeze open the fruit between two palms, there you can see a few segments of paper white flesh, each has a seed. It is sweet and juicy. Local people normally eat mangsteen after they have eaten durian because mangosteen is said to be "cooling" to the body compared to the durian which is "heaty". It neutralizes the effect. Try out this fruit.

Malaysia Local Fruits - Mata Kucing

Mata Kucing is also known as Longan. They are covered in pale brownish skin which is rough and tough, but not hard. The flesh is translucent, whitish and sweet. The thickness of the flesh is vary. In good variety, it may be 0.5 cm thick. Lightly squeeze open the skin of the fruit with your thumb and index finger.

Malaysia Local Fruits - Jackfruit / Nangka

Nangka or "Jackfruit" in English has a physical outlook which is merely the same as the cempedak fruit. But, it comes in a larger or bigger size. It also has a strong fragrant smell. The taste is exotic and most people in Malaysia like it. Cut open the fruit, you can see small yellow rounded size flesh. Be careful of the latex once you cut open the fruit, the white latex is sticky. Eat the same way as cempedak, but local people in Malaysia seldom use this fruit for "goreng" (fried). As this fruit is very large, the inner flesh normally being taken out and put in small plastic bag and sell in packets.

Malaysia Local Fruits - Pamelo

Pomelo, probably, is the largest of the citrus fruits. It is also known as "jerunga" in Malay. It has a light green or yellowish green thick rind. Though it looks like a grapefruit, but the pomelo's taste is far closer to that of an orange. There are two types of pomelo: sweet and sour. Do tell the seller the type of pomelo that you want. Choose the one that is heavy and not hairy. One must have the skill to open the fruit. Cut off the top portion of the rind, then slide the rind vertical down with a knife, repeat the "sliding" on the uncut surface of the rind until the rind surface is evenly cut. Peel off the cut rind to take out the flesh.

Malaysia Local Fruits - Papaya

Papaya has a greenish to a yellowish colour skin . This fruit is tasty and soft. The flesh is normally yellow, orange or reddish in colour. Most people eat it fresh or chilled. But you may add some taste to the fruit by squeezing a few drops of lime or lemon juice onto the fruit. It taste fantastic. Cut open the fruit, get rid of the small seeds (there are hundreds of them) and scoop the flesh with a spoon.

Malaysia Local Fruits - Pineapple

Pineapple is known as "nenas" in Malay. The taste is just great as it is sweet and juicy. Local people here will prefer the "Nenas Sarawak" (Sarawak Pineapple) or the "Nenas Morris" (Morris Pineapple) as they are sweet and juicy. Normally they are eaten in raw. But, try to avoid this fruit if you are at the early stage of pregnancy. Peel off the skin of the fruit with knife. One has to peel off all the "hairy holes" as well before the fruit can be eaten.



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